Employee wellbeing that is

unique proven scientific engaging representative specialist

Employee wellbeing that is unique proven scientific engaging representative specialist

Singing is not only an effective stress reliver and mood booster, it can also reduce muscle tension, improve your memory and boost your confidence.

There are mountains of evidence proving the benefits of singing on personal wellbeing, so why not integrate this into your existing employee wellbeing programme?

Mental Health Benefits

The world’s most accessible stress reliever

BBC – May 2020

According to Deloitte, mental health problems cost UK employers £45bn per year in lost productivity.

Singing improves not only your mood, but has also been shown to help with anxiety and depression by reducing your heart rate and releasing endorphins

Despite all of this evidence, workplace choirs are yet to become commonplace as part of employee wellbeing programmes. With Team Sing, you can diversify your wellbeing offering and prove to your employees that you’re fully dedicated to their mental wellbeing at work.

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Yearly cost of poor mental health to employers

Employee enagement

Wellbeing and engagement are closely linked, so it’s no surprise that we’re able to help you increase both metrics in your company. With Team Sing, not only would your employees feel the many wellbeing benefits of singing, they could also feel more connected to the company through the creation of a virtual choir video.

Recognising and leveraging the unique talents of your workforce is a proven way of increasing employee engagement and loyalty. By investing in employee engagement, your employees are more likely to stay put and grow within the company

To find out more about creating a virtual choir video, check out our marketing page.

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